82 Main Street, Rutherglen, Victoria 3865

Dinner: 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Friday and Saturday: 5pm to late

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Thousand Pound Wine Bar & Store is ahead of the trend.

Victoria’s wine canteens are a rapidly growing regional obsession amongst city barflies. Grape aficionados haven't retreated into their cellars to sulk, they are venturing out of town to find the best boutique sip three hours north of Melbourne.

Reinventing the grape genre, Thousand Pound tosses out stuffy pretences, blurring the boundaries between city and country into an under served hood, creating funky, affordable vin lists paired with Simon Arkless’s chef-driven fare. Sip and swirl your way through the best wines the region has to offer or venture globally from your seat at the bar.



82 Main Street
Rutherglen, Victoria 3685



Friday and Saturday, 5 pm - late
Dinner, 5 30 pm - 9 30 pm



Tel - 02 6032 8179